I drive half an hour to work then half an hour back. There are lots of podcasts I listen to. There’s Unpopular Opinion, Jeff Marek's Junior, and as many others do, the Steve Dangle Podcast.

However, I’m not sure I can ever tune into this specific program again.

You see, on the most recent episode published on June 7th, they suggested that Evgeni Malkins baby was holding him back and "useless."

Go to the 12:00 mark, if you dare.

On May 31st Evgeni Malkin's partner gave birth to a baby boy, and since then they "have this useless baby hanging around." Maybe it's getting in the way of Malkin's game?

Wow guys. Wow.

Babies aren’t useless, they’re a new member of your family, a mixture of you and your partner made to crate someone that could go on to do great and wonderful things. Or atleast give you fodder for your facebook/twitter accounts.

As the proud owner of two former "useless babies" I use my influence to bring more members to Leafs Nation.

You gotta get ‘em when they’re young

Babies may not be able to do anything right away, aside from make you smile, laugh, and spend way too much money on diapers, but eventually they become your own servants who will get you drinks, feed the pets, and fetch your paper and slippers.

Once a member of the Maple Leafs Blogging Union local 67, Steve Dangle is now a bigshot Sportsnet guy and seems to be desperate to fit in with his fellow mitten stringers, taking shots at a defenseless baby.

This is so low even Steve Simmons wouldn’t go there.

Unless it was Phil Kessel's baby.