Who had two thumbs and wore 63? David Bolland. But no fear, this historic camp number has turned up again on the sleeves of humble newcomer Auston Matthews. Shawn McKenzie reported today that he was spotted on the ice wearing this number for development camp, which is surely meant to show him that he's in the big leagues now!

Matthews has only been wearing 34 for most of his pre-draft career, notably wearing it to win bronze for Team USA at the World Junior Championship this past year, and for his team in Zurich. Although he's already created history with 34, who knows whether Lou will allow him to wear it for the Leafs? (We debate the question over here.)

Ultimately Matthews will make whatever number he wears famous, so perhaps it doesn't matter. In the words of Lou, "It's the logo on the front that counts." Here is the full camp roster.

Development camp will take place from July 4 - 9, starting in Toronto with medical exams before moving to Niagra Falls center for on-ice practice sessions. These practices are closed to the public, but scrimmages are open and free with a donation of a canned good. You can read details about the scrimages over here.

Steve Dangle is watching the newest number 63 in action today, and you can follow via his twitter:

Wait. "Apart" is very different from "a part," Auston!