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Marlies Week In Review: Scenic Newfoundland

The Toronto Marlies head towards the east coast, and grab three out of four points by scoring a billion goals.

Marlies Week In Review: All Ice Advantage

Road trip? No big deal! The Toronto Marlies won three straight while away from home this week.

Marlies Week In Review: Running Away from Home

As a multi-week road trip begins, the Toronto Marlies pick up whatever points they can before things begin to get tougher.

Marlies Week In Review: New York, New York

A blowout win, an embarrassing loss, and a smooth sailing finish round out the storylines in Toronto's three-game road trip through the Empire State.

Marlies Week In Review: Welcome to Splitsville

The Marlies face a very rare opponent in the Albany Devils on back-to-back days, and come out with two 3-2 outcomes in two opposite directions.

Marlies Week In Review: The Boys Are Back

The NHL wasn't the only league to kick things off last week; the American Hockey League opened their season on Friday, and with that, the Toronto Marlies began their push to the league's elite.

Leafs sign Brad Boyes to 1 Year Contract

Fifteen years after draft day, a local cult hero is finally going to get the opportunity to live out his dream.

The Marlies and AHL Realignment

The American Hockey League has seen some massive changes to it's team structure, and it's going to make a significant difference in how they approach their regular season moving forward.

Marlies lose 3-1, eliminated from AHL Playoffs

The Cinderella story is now complete, and unfortunately for the Toronto Marlies, the ending is an unhappy one.

Marlies Week In Review: Seventh Heaven

The Marlies finish the last week of the regular season by clinching a playoff spot and capping off an impressive seven-game winning streak.

Marlies Week In Review: Home stretch

The Toronto Marlies played their last home game of the regular season, but put themselves in a position to give their fans an encore.

Marlies Week In Review: An Uphill Battle

While the past few weeks have been no doubt intriguing to watch, this one served as a reminder that getting into the playoffs wasn't going to be easy.

Marlies Week In Review: Heavy Breeze

This week saw the end of an era, a breakout performance, and a couple of other solid performances.

Marlies Week In Review: They were there for a second, I swear!

It was a relatively quiet week, but the Toronto Marlies made the required noise when they needed to, now trailing a playoff spot by just one point.

Marlies Week In Review (Mar. 16): The playoff push

Toronto saw a couple of road blocks amid their drive towards a playoff spot, but ended the weekend on a positive note.

Leafs Earn Themselves a Classic Victory

In front of one of the biggest crowds in hockey history, the Toronto Maple Leafs sent tens of thousands of fans back across the border with smiles on their faces.
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