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Cox Bloc Presents: 2013 Mittenstringer of the Year: The Shortlist

What was the worst piece of sportswriting in Canada? Vote for your favourite.

Cox Bloc Presents: Did Craig Simpson Really Refuse to Play for the Leafs?

Saturday nite, during another nasty and pointless Battle of Ontario, Mikhail Grabovski waded into harm's way to protect rookie teammate Carter Ashton by fighting Chris Neil. Grabovski's courage in fighting a much larger opponent fired up his teammates and inspired Leafs fans, giving us one of

Defending the Versteeg Deal

For the first time since before the fall of freaking Communism the Leafs have acquired a first round pick. And it seems like almost everyone around here hates the deal. Well, I think the Kris Versteeg trade was a pretty decent move for the Leafs. Grab your pitchforks and torches

Cox Bloc Presents: The Ten Worst Leafs Skaters Since The Lockout

A GODD TILL AND KIM JORN JOINT Bates Battaglia. Garnet Exelby. Ken Klee. Aki Berg. Mark Bell. Alexander Khavanov. Kyle Wellwood. Ben Ondrus. Andre "Bell Biv" Deveaux. Jason Allison. Kris Newbury. Travis Green. Jason Blake. Clarke "The Original Clarke" Wilm. What do all of these players

Leafs 2 Flames 5 - I Hate The 80s

Leafs outplay Calgary most of the game and still lose going away. Positives - Luke Schenn, Gunner, Phil Kessel, Matt Stajan. Negatives - pretty much everything else. Calgary got a quick three, and then, Bundy-style, asked for the five count. We almost hulked-up for the comeback, but then got squashed

Flames @ Leafs: Third Period

Just when they think they know the answers, we change the questions. Let's hope the Leafs are more Roddy Piper and less Frank Williams. Third period with Very Special Guest Host Godd Till is GO, after the jump...
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