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Flames @ Leafs: post game reaction: the empty greasy box

TWSS, BCWW, etc. 2 hat tricks,  1 hat trick and one almost hattie. WOO! Here's your post game reaction thread.

Flames @ Leafs: Third period: the dried out crust

I'm honestly surprised I forgot this video: Calgary Flames - Red Hot (via SupaDawgX) Third Period, kitties. When CAN'T You touch a Flame? When it's red hot4When you play for the Leafs' defence9When you didn't start the fire8

Calgary Flames @ Toronto Maple Leafs: Second Period: the gooey center

Loser Domi here, being your substitute Princess Game Thread for the evening. IN honor of the Flames, I'm trying to come up with songs that have flames or fire in the title. So far I have: Johnny Cash--"Ring of Fire" Kings of Leon--"Sex
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