Raptors @ Wizards

Capitals @ Blue Jackets

Jets @ Wild
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Golden Knights @ Kings

Take a breather. You’ve earned it.

After two horrible games in Boston against the Bruins, the Maple Leafs pulled off a victory at home that put them right back in the series, and guaranteed it will go through at least Saturday night.

The next game isn’t until Thursday. What will you do until them? Well, after all that worrying about last night’s game, you deserve a break! What funner way could there be than to laugh at other NHL teams failing! The LA Kings could be the first team eliminated from the playoffs tonight if the Golden Knights pull off a win in the late game.

The Capitals and Blue Jackets are the laggards as the only teams yet to play their third game until tonight. The Blue Jackets have taken a 2-0 series lead, winning both games in overtime. If the Capitals don’t win tonight it’s probably because they aren’t getting the motivation they need. I wonder who can help?

Wait. I know!

The Jets also play tonight. Fuck the Jets.

What’s wrong with the Ducks?

Their helmets are on too tight.20
They can smell burnt toast.11
They’re OK. Just OK.42
Randy Carlyle is a shitty coach.148