Today is a new day, all! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Toronto Maple Leafs won a playoff hockey game last night, avoiding a 3-0 series hole and an entire offseason of me muttering angrily whenever they are mentioned. Auston Matthews scored his first goal of the series (and then said some naughty words—don’t read lips, kids!), Freddie Andersen returned to sparkling form, and after the game they hugged it out [Species: Go on.....].

After that sprawling paddle save at the end of the third, I think every single Leafs fan wanted to hug Freddie like that. I know I did, even though I’d have to drag over a stepstool to reach.

We now have approximately 48 hours of peace before walking back into the buzzsaw again on Thursday. If anyone sees Brad Marchand out and about in Toronto between now and then, it is your moral obligation to give him a wedgie on Andreas Johnsson’s behalf.


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Other Teams Are In the Playoffs, Too? Look at that!

The New Jersey Devils decided that they, too, did not feel like getting swept in the opening round. Taylor Hall, who is apparently performing a scientific experiment to see how far into the playoffs one man can drag his hockey team, had three points in New Jersey’s 5-2 win over Tampa Bay.

Also, Brian Boyle will now be haunting my nightmares.

Out in the Western Conference, the Avalanche beat the Nashville Predators 5-3, and yes, even typing that feels strange. The Avalanche held a 4-0 lead at one point. Hockey’s weird.

And in the San Jose Sharks’ 8-1 pasting of the Anaheim Ducks, former Leaf Eric Fehr (he played five games! It still counts!) did this:

So that happened. San Jose now has a 3-0 series lead over Anaheim.

Anyway, make sure you watch that Matthews goal at least three times today, for your health. Go Leafs Go.