Jiri_tlusty_ftb_mediumMy dearest Jiří,

It's been a week now and I still can't believe we've parted. Those dreams we had, the plans we made...all so much dust on the breeze.

I saw you last night, in your fancy new clothes. A goal on your first shift too, nice. Will you be happy though? Leaping into the arms of Rod Brind'Amour night after night? Taking your orders from...Maurice again. Oh, I know you'll be smiling - but I also know it will be a mask. No more red hot action at the Ricoh Coliseum. No more rooming with Ben Ondrus on road trips. No more Prague Night of Glamour.

It's time to move on now, Jiří. You see...we've met someone else too. No....you don't know him. His name is Philippe. Sure, his neck is almost wider than his head and we can't really understand what he's saying, but he's ours now.

Let's not make this harder than it needs to be. Let's not spoil our good memories by you coming back here in January and scoring a hat-trick. When we see the last chicken in the shop, we'll always think of you. Always.

With all our love,

(Signed on behalf of) The Barilkosphere.

Excuse me - I was getting a little tearful for a second there. Must be a lot of dust in the room or something like that. Chopping onions too, I often have onions for breakfast. Let's get linking before the floodgates open for sure.