Carl Grundström posted a thanks for all the fish post to his Instagram today:

Tack @frolunda_hc och Göteborg för 2 fantastiska år!🤙🏼

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And tack, Carl, for two fun years of watching you play there.

In other news today, Tre Kronor did not name Grundström to their roster for their friendlies in Denmark later this week.

The KHL players are starting to come in and push out the younger guys as they get ready for their not-so-friendly games in Denmark for the World Championships.

So, Carl:

It’s really great weather in Toronto — hot, sunny, almost beach weather.  You get to wear blue Marlies suits. The bus ride for the playoffs is going to be upstate New York for the first round, so not far. I hear the buffet in Utica is to die for. Timothy Liljegren has his own place and can cook. There was talk of taco night one time. The Swede to Finn ratio is really favourable.

And Miro Aaltonen seems like a really great guy, while Chris Mueller and Ben Smith are happy to pass you the puck. The defence is really good, and the goalies superb, so no one is going to rag you too much if you want to play a little more offence. The team seems to understand the grit/grind/playmaker/sniper balance really well.

Why not drop by?

(Disclaimer: weather information not supported by actual data.)