Capitals Outsider on Twitter had a really interesting stat following the Capitals win on Monday. The franchise that expanded in 1974 is finally, for the first time in its history, sitting with a positive goal differential. Considering how bad the expansion Capitals were, and how good the Ovechkin Capitals have been, I guess it all evens out.

That got us thinking at PPP whether the Leafs are above the water mark as a franchise or not. There have been some good years, a whole lot of bad years, some good years again, lots of mediocre years after that, followed by the Matthews era now. Where do they sit after all that?

The Leafs currently have a +31 goal differential through 76 games this season. At the start of the season they were -29. The last time I could find where the Leafs finished a season with a total negative goal differential was in 2010-11, the end of the Mats Sundin era and the beginning of the Burke/Nonis era. It seems fitting Auston and co bring it back the other way.

The next target is finding the 400 or so wins so this franchise can finally have a win% above even. Currently it’s at 44%. Montreal is the only Original Six team that is above even, with Philadelphia the only other team with that distinction. I’m not going to account for ties or Bettman loser points. Use this link if you want to.

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Here was the jersey tug.

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Speaking of Marshawn Lynch, anyone remember this?

Also in Capitals news, the Screaming Eagle is coming back as a potential reverse retro jersey. I’d like to see an updated logo be the new permanent one. Not that I have strong thoughts about the current one.

Claude Julien is back coaching Canada.

Here’s me hoping Species comes into the comments to further explain this story of NCAA goalie Dryden McKay violating anti-doping laws for what might be over-the-counter drugs?Again, I’m out of my depth here.