UPDATE (2/2/16): It's here! The new logo has been revealed. Click here to see it!

Centennials are incredibly special. How often is it something you love and cherish turns 100? If there's ever a time to celebrate, it's on a 100th birthday.

The Toronto Maple Leafs' centennial is next season, and one thing they're doing to mark it is getting a makeover. The most striking part of it will surely be their incoming new logo - and now, we know a little bit more about what it's going to look like.

According to SportsLogos.net and his "anonymous reliable sources", the new logo should be a merger of the two pictured above: the Leafs' logos from the 1966-67 season, when they last won the Cup.

So they'll be keeping the classic Leafs look, including text, without anything new or insane coming in - as it should be, because the double-edged sword of having just a storied franchise is you can't mess with what's worked for 100 or so years, right? This is excellent news - and now that we have some idea of what the new logo should look like, excitement can continue ramping up.

UPDATE (2/2/16): It's here! The new logo has been revealed!