Here it is! For their centennial, the Toronto Maple Leafs will undoubtedly be doing a lot of things, but one of the most notable, most prominent, and potentially, most cool, will be an entirely new logo - of which we now finally, officially, know what it will look like.

And it's great. As earlier details revealed, it would be a combination of two past Leafs logos from the 1966-67 season: a perfect modernization of past retro looks. It's been cleaned up, with no borders, a more appropriate type face, and just enough veins to add a bit of detail.

In fact, the veins are particularly special. There are 17 veins in total, representing the Leafs' beginnings in 1917. The 13 veins on top is a nod towards the Leafs' Stanley Cup Championships. There are also 31 points on the leaf, pointing towards Maple Leafs Gardens opening in 1931.

But most important of all, it's a fitting look for the soon-to-be-100-year-old franchise. With an organization as old as the Leafs, an updated look is always exciting - but there's generally a hint of nervousness about it. After all, a crazy new design can spit on decades of tradition, can look outlandish and out of place amongst the team's history.

It's a fine like to walk, but the Leafs walked it perfectly. This is a modern logo: but one that perfectly calls back to its history.

In line with the Leafs' new logo, the Toronto Marlies will be getting a logo makeover as well.

The 2016-17 season should be a fresh, new one for the Leafs both on and off the ice - it'll be extremely exciting to see this new logo in practice! The new uniforms will be unveiled at the 2016 NHL entry draft in Buffalo, on June 24.

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I like it. It's better than the Ballard logo.297
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