Elliotte Friedman's weekly 30 Thoughts column is out, and there's an interesting tidbit in there about new Leaf acquisition Brooks Laich from his ex-teammates in Washington:

22. Tried to find a funny tale or two about Brooks Laich from his former teammates. The best one: how his love of photography got him in hot water. According to a couple of players, Laich hooked up a camera to a drone and used it to take some tremendous photos. "It was pretty cool, actually," said one teammate, who started laughing when adding, "Until Brooks learned it was probably not a good idea to do that in Washington." He wouldn’t specify what happened, which building was involved or any punishment. "He took it on the road instead."

Obviously, there's not much information involved as to the incident that actually happened with Laich's drone camera in Washington, but we can only imagine.

What do you think happened? Leave your guess in the comments.

Where did Brooks Laich's camera incident place on the DEFCON scale?