Here are some links. We only have one month until the season is over and that's still too long for this guy. I mean, it's awesome watching the kids play but, honestly, i don't know. It's meaningless games, there's no chance for a miracle run into the playoffs so let's just sit back and wait for the proper season to start. Playoff season.

Carolina Hurricanes sign Andrew Poturalski to Entry-Level Contract - Canes Country
It's College Free Agent time, and SBN College Hockey will have a preview of the top FA's coming out today.

New tracking project: Tracking hits that lead to possession - Blue Seat Blogs
"The ability to get possession off a meaningful hit should have more value than simply firing yourself into the boards after the puck is already off the stick of a player. That is the purpose of this project: To track these types of plays, the hits that end up with your team gaining possession."
This sounds like a pretty neat project.

Down Goes Brown: Five storylines to watch down the stretch
"Unfortunately, this year’s bubble is shaping up to be a bust, with only one team in each conference sitting within five points of a playoff spot. That would be the Philadelphia Flyers and Colorado Avalanche; according to Sports Club Stats, nobody else in the league has even a five per cent chance of making the post-season."

DGB Breaks down what we can watch for without many close playoff races.

Amanda Kessel reverse trolls Penguins fan on Twitter | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Idiot kept tagging the wrong Kessel in his tweets.

Canadian dollar could damage Quebec City's NHL expansion bid | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Quebec City has always been far from a lock. If I was the NHL, I'd wait out a few more years to keep an eye on Winnipeg, who's still on top of my "most likely for relocation" list.

Hockey hair, even players of color go with the flow | TheColorOfHockey
"Hair is so synonymous with hockey that there’s a term for it: Flow. Hockey players are perfectionists, dedicating countless hours making sure that a move, a shot, a save is just right. They’re apparently just as fussy about their flow.

So much so that an enterprising anonymous filmmaker has been producing High School All Hockey Hair Team videos since 2011."

Enjoy the day. Spring is coming after a short, wonderfully almost snow free winter (in my region anyway).