It's freaking September! That's what month it is. September holds more than just the end of summer and the beginning of fall; it marks the beginning of the return of hockey!  In September we get rookie tournaments, training camp, roster finalization, and lastly the start of the pre-season.

August is the worst hockey related month by far; September freaking rules. Any of you who got some hate for September be mad bugging yo.

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Beefed up Kadri is ready for prime time

Aww hells yeah!

Khabibulin gets 30 days in the pokey for DUI charges
Put your jokes about busting through his Bulin wall in the comments.

Chris Hanson inks a 1 years, 2 way deal worth $650,000 in the NHL

I approve of this signing.

Breaking News: Dick all happened yesterday with regards to Kovalchuk

When will this nightmare end???

The SBNation Mock Expansion Draft managers have been selected

Gabe Desjardins is picking for the Winnipeg Jets and James Mirtle has the Quebec Nordiques

The Leafs earn a fantasy grade of C-

Seems bad except when compared to last year's D+.

Hope may not be warranted at this point

Frozen Leafs reads the writing on the wall and it ain't pretty.

An ode to Chris Chelios

VLM gives us this and thoughts on Hanson's role as a bottom six player.

Trying to play me out like as if my name was Sega

Wrap Around Curl brings us today's non-hockey 8-bit link o'goodness.

Morning Additions

Kadri takes on other top prospects in an NHL 11 Tournament

Who would your ideal linemates be? "Kessel and Versteeg."

The leaked NHLPA Executive Director Application

DGB's spies deliver yet again.

The Blood of My Chief Vol. 6

The general brings up his sixth installment.