Happy Friday!

I have Leafs news. First up, an aside  in this article ...

GARRIOCH: Erik Karlsson will return to his home in Ottawa, but not the Senators' lineup

says this:

There’s also been talk the Vancouver Canucks are willing to move defenceman Tyler Myers and the Leafs have been among the teams kicking tires there.

No, no, no, no, no and also, no. Go kick tires on a new dadmobile, Kyle, but not Tyler Myers. You can have this:

Or you can have this:

Daily Faceoff came up with six possible defenders the Leafs should get, and my thoughts are:

  1. No!
  2. Eh, they won’t trade him.
  3. Ditto
  4. Nope not trading him.
  5. and 6. Nope and nope.

Now wait a minute, though. Why is a station wagon called a station wagon? Isn’t that a weird word?

In the beginning, a station wagon was known as a “depot hack” because it was used to carry passengers and cargo after they got off of trains. The early design was based on a truck platform that did not contain doors. In 1922, the first enclosed station wagon was introduced. Ford began using a wood-based design was extremely popular at this time. Following WWII, technology advanced, and steel replaced wood as the major material used to manufacture this type of vehicle. The first factory-built steel wagon belonged to Jeep.

Now you know. Get one of those, Kyle, not Tyler Myers.

Other discussion was around the Jets being very short of forwards and the Kings oversupplied with defence depth.

This was a fun idea:

NHL Power Rankings: A rookie to watch on every team

And the choice for the Leafs is obvious, given Nick Robertson isn’t a rookie.

No Leafs until Saturday night, so have a good Friday everyone, and don’t start any defenceman trade rumours, particularly not in the comments here.