Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Last night some news came out about the Ottawa Senators sale. No, Hugh Jackman isn’t joining Ryan Reynolds in his bid for the team. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun reported that Angelo Paletta and family have express interest in purchasing the team.

GARRIOCH: Add the Hamilton-based Paletta family to the growing list of Senators suitors

The family owns Alinea Group Holdings based in Burlington and is invested in real estate, meat packing, and the entertainment industry. They’ve expressed interest in the NHL previously in 2018 when their names were floated in the news about building an NHL arena on land they own near the Aldershot GO train station in Burlington.

Opinion | Paletta sets sights on NHL team for Aldershot

The land was speculated about for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats stadium and for the Pan-Am Games before the NHL was brought up. If the family is still interested in an NHL team in the area they’re playing it close to their chest, being nice quiet potential owners, unlike unsuccessful interests in Quebec City, and Jim Balsillie who was once very vocal about purchasing and moving the Nashville Predators to Hamilton.

When the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg, to become the second and completely different version of the Jets, the Thompson family never made a public peep about moving an NHL team before the surprise announcement.

Now, moving the Senators would involve crossing two very deep canyons.

The cost is first. Relocation to the Hamilton/Burlington border involves purchasing the team, a relocation fee, constructing an arena, and of course paying both the Maple Leafs and Sabres for encroaching onto their territory.

The second is the fact that the Melnyk family has made it very clear that the Senators won’t be sold to someone who wants to relocate the team away from the greater Ottawa area, unless it’s to put the team in Ottawa proper.

The second one can just be lumped in with the first, because money talks and changes minds, and that statement may just be to keep fans happy during the sale process.

There’s another Hamilton connection to the Senators, as (OHL) Hamilton Bulldogs owner Michael Andlauer is interested in purchasing the team. Andlauer is also a minority owner of the Montreal Canadiens.

Andlauer interest in Ottawa Senators may not affect OHL Hamilton Bulldogs | inTheHammer

There’s always lots of rumours and speculation when a pro sports team is for sale, and rampant speculation is all part of the fun. Unless you’re a fan of that team. Then it’s not.

Anyway, here’s some other stuff we found.

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Leafs play the Sabres at 7! If the Sabres can dig their way out of Buffalo.