If NHL names and suspends players allegedly involved, affected players would likely appeal any sanctions to an arbitrator, as per CBA, and may pursue defamation lawsuits vs league, said agent of one player who attended 2018 Hockey Canada gala.
(While an investigating officer in October wrote in court documents he believes there are grounds to charge at least five players, police in London continue to decline comment other than to say an investigation is ongoing.)

This tallies exactly with what Frank Seravalli said on his podcast this week. Right down to the use of the word "bracing".

This report has taken a long time to complete, based mostly on Hockey Canada's own information which they forwarded on some time ago. At first the NHL said they wanted this last fall before training camp, and now it's moved deep into the offseason, conveniently after most people have wandered away from hockey news.

Friday is the traditional news dump day, so will we see this finally at 5 pm? I'm sure the players not involved are rather anxious to have that made clear as well.

Meanwhile the Halifax police investigation into video taping of a sexual assault at the 2003 WJC has produced nothing public.

Yesterday, the Arizona Coyotes announced dead on twelve noon that they were terminating the contract of Alex Galchenyuk, but would say nothing else. At 5:30, Katie Strang had the story:

Maybe this PR strategy of just not releasing the publicly available facts of the case is a little silly? Just a thought.

In actual hockey news, a few ELCs and low salary players were signed yesterday leaving these bigger names yet to find a home:

  • Vladimir Tarasenko
  • Tomas Tatar
  • Phil Kessel
  • Paul Stastny
  • Matt Dumba

Some other players are either injured and require surgery – Jesse Puljujärvi is unlikely to play at all this year – or may retire. There is also the expected Boston signings to come.

In case you missed it, the Marlies fleshed out the coaching staff:

Toronto Marlies Name Michael Dyck And Eric Wellwood To Coaching Staff – Toronto Marlies

All is quiet on the Leafs assistant coaching front.

And some bog standard quotes from a golf tournament:

I would rather play golf than read that kind of thing, and I hate golf.

UPDATE: Since this is in before noon (a rule I just made up) it can go in this post:

Toronto Marlies Announce Six Player Signings – Toronto Marlies
The Toronto Marlies announced today that the hockey club has signed forwards Jackson Berezowski, Brock Caufield, Neil Shea, Tate Singleton and Tyler Weiss and defenceman Nolan Dillingham to one-year AHL contracts.

If that one name is familiar, here is a defence of him, you can decide if you buy in on:

Happy Friday, everyone, go play golf (unless you hate it).