The Maple leafs are 1-1 on their March break  Florida trip, tieing the score 7-7. Could it have been better if the players spent their mandatory off day not taking the day off?

I don't know, but this is approaching salute gate levels of dumbness so if you see anything out there about the Leafs fishing just stop reading it, turn off the radio, and let's move on.

In real exciting news, we've all heard about the US National Women's Team standing up for their rights and trying to make the program better for all exisiting and future participants at every level.

Team USA boycott of IIHF Worlds about “more than hockey” - The Ice Garden

Nothing new has come up but USA Hockey wants to get back to negotiating. With the Women's World Championships being held at the US National Teen Development Program's home ice rink, the team not attending would be another blow to the already embarrassed program.

Also hosting it in the rink you bought for the mens U20 program is kinda kicking sand in the faces of the players as well, eh?

Hopefully more comes from the latter of these two items and we never hear of the former again.

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