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Wednesday’s FTB : My boy Jake

Come get your links here.

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NHL: Washington Capitals at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, cool cats.


Elseldo: Maple Leafs Prospect Report
Seldo surveys the Leafs’ prospects scattered across North America. Adam Brooks is massacring the WHL.

Katya: The Leafs’ Clever 24-Man Roster Is Finally Causing Problems
Our endless trickery in trying to hold juggle too many players is starting to catch up with us. Now would be a good time for a Michael Grabner-style trade.

Katya: Leafs Sign Kari Ramo To Try-Out Deal And Jhonas Enroth Has Cleared Waivers
Now taking bets on whether Andersen plays 70 games this year.

Around The NHL Alex Ovechkin Needs To Think Outside Penalty Box

Ovechkin is slashing everybody in his general vicinity, which is not going over well with Coach Trotz.

Maple Leafs Hot Stove: Mike Babcock Interview Transcript

The good folks over at MLHS have taken down Babcock’s post-practice presser. Babs was particularly laudatory towards Jake Gardiner.

The Athletic: In Defence Of Jake Gardiner
Speaking of Jake, the new blog on the block lays out the evidence that Jake is excellent.

The Cannon: Relentless
Columbus have been the feel-good story of the season so far. I’m still a little skeptical of Tortorella, and they’ve been enjoying some high percentages, but this team is unquestionably better than they looked heading into the year. This article lauds the team’s aggressive forecheck.

Silver Seven Sens: Ups and Downs, Week 8
I won’t take the Sens seriously, and you can’t make me. They don’t have enough good players.

Winging It In Motown: It’s Anthony Mantha’s World And We Are Just Living In It
Kool thing, skatin’ like a Mantha/Come on and give me an answer/Kool thing, skatin’ like a Mantha/what do you say?

Down Goes Brown: NHL Stock Watch
DGB tracks the trends across the league. Hey, look, it turns out Subban isn’t actually bad.

The Copper And Blue: NHL Concussion Protocol Is Necessarily Cautious, But Lacks Clarity And Consistency
The league is still working on the implementation of its protocol.

Pro Hockey News: Fast Start Propels Solar Bears To Road Win

The Bears get the job done despite some quirky lineup arrangements—Nikolas Brouillard played as the tenth forward, despite normally being a defenceman. Written by friend of the site Don Money.

Blue Steam Hockey: This Year’s Leafs Offense Is Historically Improved

David Venturi over at Blue Steam Hockey looks at offensive explosion the Leafs have put on this season.

As always, feel free to add your own links.

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