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From the Branches: Maple Leafs lose first debate to Senators

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I don't mean to be bragadocious, but Marner has immense hockey assets.

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Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

The Leafs played their first pre-season game last night in Halifax. In front of a cheering crowd drunk on donairs and Alexander Keith's was a very messy game, as one would expect of the first.

Both sides had a lot of prospects displaying some braggadocio in order to make an impression on management. Mitch Marner made a great impression by making great plays and showing off his fantastic skating ability. Kerby Rychel made a bad impression by getting ejected from the game early in the first period and putting the Leafs on a 5 minute penalty kill.

You can read more about it in our recap.

Preseason Game 1: Senators 6 - Maple Leafs 3 - nafio
Hockey! Leafs first game of the season could have gone better, but, Mitch Marner!

Jim Hiller was coaching in Mike Babcock's absence. His post-game comments were transcribed by Maple Leafs Hot Stove.

Standouts From First Preseason Game - Tip of the Tower
While the Leafs did not come away with the victory in the first preseason game they were standouts from the game from the younger players.

If you want to know more about the Maple Leafs prospects, check out what Seldo and Katya wrote.

Leafs prospects: Let the CHL games begin! - Elseldo
Well, not all of them, but the CHL began play anyway. Without the Leafs kids. Oh, I guess I could have waited a week for this...

European prospect report: Week two - Katya
The Leafs prospects were all in action this week. One moved up to face harder challenges while one moved down the depth chart.

Trouble With Trouba - Editor in Leaf
Jacob Trouba has asked for a trade out of Winnipeg, let's explore what it would take to bring him to the Leafs.

The Leafs will be back in action on Thursday night. In the mean time, we have Game 1 of the World Cup of Hockey final tonight at 8:00PM.

Team Canada is going to destroy these guys, right? I know, I know. At this point that's been said about every tilt that Team Europe has had in this tournament, and they have instead won almost all of them. But this time? Their run is over.

However, I secretly hope they kick Team Canada's ass in this first game. Hockey Canada needs that every once and a while to keep things in check, or we wind up with another Torino Olympics result.

A Powerhouse and an Underdog - Down Goes Brown
Breaking down the Canada-Team Europe final. Just like the NHL drew it up... right?

Canada aims to grind down Kopitar - TSN
Mike Babcock wanted to remind the gaggle of reporters that he is ultimately the one in control of the matchup game. "I don’t know if that line is going to get to play against Kopitar," Babcock said wryly. "I’ll figure that out myself."

How Canada turned around its international hockey program - The Globe and Mail
Ilya Bryzgalov, the Russian backup goalie, famously described the Canadian onslaught by noting: "They came at us like gorillas out of a cage."

Win or lose, Team Europe has surpassed expectations - The Sun [Hornby]
Team Europe, already a huge underdog against Canada in the final, could have its chances diminished ever further by an injury to Marian Gaborik.

USA Hockey is a victim of its own narratives - Eyes On The Prize
A disappointing showing at the World Cup of Hockey has shown a spotlight on the flaws of USA Hockey and their old school mindset.

Other News

The Edmonton Oilers new mascot sucks - Fear The Fin
We have some suggestions for a better mascot.

Former Maple Leaf and ECHL All-Star Inks Deal with Brampton Beast
[Species: You'll have to click through to find out who it is!]

Bruins sign Brad Marchand for EIGHT YEARS - Stanley Cup of Chowder
[Species: Wicked barfsome]

Fallout from brawl becomes big question for Blue Jays now - Sportsnet
[Species: The other big sports news in town last night was the brawl at Skydome. No, not the regular ones in the 500's. This game had one on the field.]