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From the Branches: Laboring through to the start of the World Cup of Hockey

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Training camps are beginning, but actual games are a few days away

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

It's LaboUr Day! Enjoy the time off if you can. The World Cup of Hockey teams are starting to practice today, but we are still a few days away from games. It feels like hockey is so close, but so far away.

Here are your links and news to wind up this long weekend.

Outgoing vs Incoming Danger Save Percentages - Editor in Leaf
Have the Toronto Maple Leafs identified a stronger goaltending tandem solely focusing on the danger zones?

Battle of Ontario Episode 17 – Leafs prospects, Jhonas Enroth & more - MLHS
Callum Fraser talks with Marc Dumont of EOTP about the Canadiens’ outlook for the season. Alec Brownscombe jumps on for the second half to discuss the Leafs ranking first in prospect strength according to ESPN’s most recent list, their new goaltending tandem, and more.

Ten still-unsigned NHLers - The Hockey News
Yes, Kris Russel is still out there!

Fighting in NHL disappearing, but concerns linger - Tennessean
Players dropping the gloves still elicits excitement in NHL arenas, but the number of fights is drastically diminishing as the lumbering enforcers of past eras have been phased out in favor of skill.

Please stop putting Warriors in Sharks jerseys - Fear The Fin
Please stop doing this, Sharks. Or Warriors. I don’t know who’s responsible but I really need this to stop  happening.

Subban tweeted a photo with the Canadiens logo edited out - Eyes On The Prize
[Species: SCANDALOUS!]

Slovenia Qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics - Jewels From The Crown

Foley admits to registering fake names for team - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas hockey fans won’t be buying "Las Vegas Sand Knights" shirts this fall. Why? Because the name is fake.

Spanish café charges more for coffee if customers are rude - The Independent
A café in Spain has begun charging its customers more for their coffees and pastries if they are rude when ordering.  Restaurant Blau Grifeu in Llanca charges rude customers €5 for their morning pick-me-up while those who behave more graciously pay just €3. Saying 'please' and wishing the barista a good morning will get you a coffee for as little as €1.30.

And JvR was so eager for the WCH training camps to start he decided to take a private jet instead of riding in the back of my 1974 Ford Econoline.