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From the Branches: Maple Leafs lose on NHL Comedy Night

Things didn’t go so well for the Leafs

New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Rangers flipped the script on the Leafs last night, winning with the help of ex-Leaf (of course) and butt goal enthusiast, Michael Grabner.

The highlight players of the night for the Leafs were Mitch Marner and Zach Hyman who both made the highlight reel.

A player the Maple Leafs should target - EIL
Is Dylan DeMelo the answer for problems on the blue line?

NHL Comedy Night presented by PPP Amalgamated Radioactive Solvents and Kitten Ranching Concerns GmbH

It was Comedy Night in the NHL. OK I am making that up, but, there was lots to laugh about.

First up, the glass broke at the Honda Center in Anaheim. It’s a routine thing for the facility staff to fix, but things went haywire. They couldn’t get the stanchion out to remove the broken glass. Then as they were finally removing it, it got stuck in the netting. Then the new piece of glass didn’t fit. The players took it in stride, eventually both teams mingling and catching up on NHL gossip, before the refs finally called an intermission.

The Ducks went on to win. I am starting to get a bit concerned for the MHH crew.

Meanwhile in St. Louis, hilarity ensued as the Caps won 7-3. Jake Allen was pulled from the net twice. Yes, twice, and not because of some weird injury situation. He started the game, was replaced with Carter Hutton, then Hitch put him back in again, then pulled him again. Wait until the end, and watch for the reaction from the little guy in the stands as Allen heads down the hall and starts smashing everything in site.

Comedy Night quote of the night

Price handles this laugher of a question very well.

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