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From the Branches: Auston Matthews plays ‘sore’ continues to marvel

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Play hurting more often, I guess

Kate Frese / SB Nation

Good Morning Maple Leafs fans!

Let’s just marvel at our wonderful Auston Matthews.

Damn Auston.

The Leafs won last night, but not everyone was happy about the way they played. I wasn’t watching but there was a lot of “dammits” and “man we suck” and “HOW DO YOU GET SNIPED ON BY DERYCK ENGELLEND?”

Here’s the game in six for you to decide for yourself.

In other news the Leafs have to prepare for the Carolina Hurricanes Minnesota Wild on Wednesday. The last time these two met the Hurricanes gave the Leafs a good whipping 6-3. They have yet to play the Wild this season.

Here are your links.

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If you’re still made about the Leafs game, watch this special presentation of Thor: Ragnarok in 4D. Warning: Spoilers ahead