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From the Branches: Nazem Kadri has thoughts on Matthew Tkachuk

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Toronto Maple Leafs v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Most Maple Leafs fans I’ve talked to agree: if Nazem Kadri wasn’t wearing blue and white, we’d probably hate him the way we hate guys like Matthew Tkachuk*. In the wake of Tkachuk’s one-game suspension for the childish nonsense he pulled on Matt Martin, Kadri was asked about the aforementioned nonsense, and didn’t mince words:

You can still play on the edge and play on that fine line, but you can’t be stupid, and that was just stupid.

Also, shoutout to the Toronto Sun editors for their formatting of “stop doing stupid (stuff)”, as if we don’t all know exactly what word Kadri said between those brackets. At least this gives me the opportunity to call Matthew Tkachuk a (stuff)weasel, the sanitized journalist-y version of PPP’s usual nickname for him.

The Leafs play the Penguins tonight at 7pm on Hockey Night in Canada. Check back later this morning for a preview.

*Just to be clear, we do not hate him. Naz is great but flawed, like all good heroes. If you disagree, go rent a barn, Burkie-style.


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