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From the Branches: Maple Leafs escape the snow in Florida today

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Leafs play the Panthers tonight in Sunrise

Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There’s a blanket of snow over the GTA this morning, but the Maple Leafs don’t have to worry about it. They’ve gone full Snowbird with a swing through Florida. They play the Panthers tonight and the Lightning on Thursday.

We’ll have a game preview up later this morning.

In the mean time, catch up on what we wrote about and more NHL news.

How did Les Canadiennes win the Clarkson Cup? Baseball Annie breaks down two goals for you.

Fulemin wants to make sure you know the Leafs do not have a looming cap crisis because of bonus overages.

Finally. the Leafs are raising ticket prices. Big surprise, I know.

Other News

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Have a nice morning and stay warm out there!