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From the Branches: Everything is awesome.

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This season has been fun, and it’s going to get better.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Maple Leafs victory last night was awesome. They beat the Predators! Now they have a 91% chance at making the playoffs! That’s awesome!

Mitch Marner joined Auston Matthews in the records books last night by breaking the “assists by a rookie” record! Awesome!

The Maple Leafs being great is getting other reporters noses bent out of shape! Fantastic!

Every time the Leafs do something you get sarcastic tweets from non-Leafs fans asking “Boy is there anywhere to find Leafs news on Twitter? It’s hard.” Well guess what, it’s only going to increase from here as the Maple Leafs make the playoffs!


Bitter, bitter, non-Leafs fans running accounts complaining about how many people love the Leafs is great! Their tears are so tasty!

Here are some awesome links!

The Solar Bears are holding ground in the tight playoff race after a three game sweep of Brampton Beast, but a loss to the Adirondack Thunder.

On the Forecheck thought last night wasn’t awesome, but it was!

Anaheim has two good goaltenders! Awesome for Anaheim Calling!

Tobias Enstrom is injured, but it’s pretty great of the Jets* to be eliminated now so he has extra time to rest and rehab - Arctic Ice Hockey

The Rangers locked up their playoff spot! Good for them and Blue Shirt Banter!

Die By the Blade looked into what Sam Reinhart did to get benched. It’s really nice they can have fun with their team while said team is not nearly as good as the Leafs.

Down Goes Brown and guys who scored 50 goals. Good for them!

Pushing can be fun! ‘Nucks Misconduct.

Mike Darney at Pensburgh spent a lot of time on this great series about the Penguins playoff streak. Good job Mike! Enjoy your weird coffee!

Raw Charge celebrates Victor Hedman setting a franchise record. Yay Victor!

The Bloggers Tribune looks at draft prospect Jason Robertson. Good work Tom!

Eugene Melnyk sure seems like a dick to work for. Luckily this former executive record everything and should get what he’s owed. He’s awesome! You’re a mouthy dick Eugene!