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From the Branches: something something Star Wars

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Here’s the morning links.

Anaheim Ducks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Four Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

I’m uninspired today, so here are your links:

Leafs Links:

Could Joffrey Lupul be used as bait for Las Vegas? - TLN

You haven’t started reading this article, but you’re probably already shaking your head at the title. I assure you that yesterday’s transactions haven’t completely warped my mind and sent me off the deep end.

Vintage Leaf Memories - Michael Langlois: What I can still remember (if faintly) 50 years to the day after Toronto’s last Stanley Cup victory…

Today I’m looking back—because this day represents a wonderful memory for those of us who have been around long enough to personally recall a cherished moment in Maple Leaf lore: the night the blue and white last won the Stanley Cup.

Travis Dermott: Next in line on the Maple Leafs blue line? | Maple Leafs Hotstove

Travis Dermott will be wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey before his entry-level contract expires, and it looks like he'll get his first look in the Fall.


Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Jessie Vetter returns to the ice

Plus other developments with USA Hockey, the start of NWHL free agency, a new team in Hockey East, and hockey around the world.

Pro: The Nikita Zaitsev extension is just fine

Term, dollars, structure — it’s exactly the kind of compromise deal that pleases no one, but everyone can say they’re happy with.

Con: The Nikita Zaitsev contract probably wasn’t a good one

I won’t say ‘definitely’, but probably. Here’s why.

William Nylander speaks to the press about his debut at the 2017 IIHF World Championships

His new look attracted the cameras too.

Should the Leafs try to sign Kevin Shattenkirk?

A debate on the marquee free agent of 2017.

Other links

Jeremy Jacobs’ olympics comments are just as Jeremy Jacobs as you’ll get - Stanley Cup of Chowder

Jeremy Jacobs said a condescending rich person thing about an international competition that could grow the game because of course he did

Here’s What Worked: Booms, Goalies, and Heels - On the Forecheck

The Preds pulled out a huge win last night. Here’s a look at how they did it.

Window Officially Open: Devils’ Countdown to Contention Starts Now - All About The Jersey

Lottery, Kovy, Cap Space and Kids. The stars have aligned and the light at the end of the rebuild is officially visible.

Down Goes Brown: Five forgotten games that ended up changing the draft lottery results

Saturday night's lottery certainly shook up the draft order, with four of the league's worst teams suffering the dreaded three-spot drop while the Devils, Flyers and Stars all moved up.

Evander Kane charges dropped, case sealed - Die By The Blade

Charges resulted from nightclub altercation last June

Hockey team in Claude Giroux’s hometown designed its logo to look like Claude Giroux - Broad Street Hockey

Go Lumberjacks!

The Bloggers’ Tribune Debate Club: Officiating and Player Safety in the Playoffs

Q: Do you think we’ll see a time when the NHL begins to take player safety more seriously?

A: elseldo - The NHLPA should be looking out for all players safety, but they’d rather go to bat for people like Raffi Torres, Matt Cooke and Dennis Wideman than for the people those players hurt. If the players don’t want to push their union to increase their safety in the workplace, then fuck it, I don’t give a shit about their health anymore.

Enjoy your day.