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Long weekend FTB: outstanding NHL free agents

Who’s left to sign?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers

It’s the Labour Day weekend, and NHL training camps open in a couple weeks. Players are already being offered PTO’s, but there quite a few notable names missing from the news lately. Below I’ve listed some of the big name NHL free agents still unsigned as informal skates kick off for teams.

Jaromir Jagr
2016/17 Team: Florida Panthers
2016/17 Stats: 16G, 30A, 46Pts
2016/17 AAV: $5.515m

Jagr is the most talked about player. Will he sign to a contender? Will he end up a Golden Knight? Will he go back to the Czech Republic so he can play in the Olympics and then parachute onto a contending team at the trade deadline? I like that one the best.

Cody Franson
2016/17 Team: Buffalo Sabres
2016/17 Stats: 3G, 16A, 19Pts
2016/17 AAV: $3.325m:

Cody Franson and the Maple Leafs have been linked, but with Ron Hainsey signing, I doubt he’ll be here. It’s surprising to see Franson still without a contract, but he’ll play in the NHL, just probably not where he’d want to be.

Jarome Iginla
2016/17 Team: Colorado Avalanche/Los Angeles Kings
2016/17 Stats: 14G, 13A, 27Pts
2016/17 AAV: $5,333,333

Iginla has been rumoured to the Bruins all summer, but some hold out hope for a final season with the Flames. My guess is that if he doesn’t sign with someone by camp he’ll sign a 1 day contract with the Flames and retire.

Roman Polak
2016/17 Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
2016/17 Stats: 4G, 7A, 11Pts
2016/17 AAV: $2.25m

Polak is recovering from a broken leg suffered in the playoffs against the Washington Capitals. Some Leafs fans are assuming he’ll be back on the team but the Leafs have a pretty shored up d-corps already. He’ll be back, just not right away I think.

And finally, the big name out there...

Mike Kostka
2016/17 Team: Stockton Heat/Binghamton Senators
2016/17 Stats: 3G, 21A, 24 Pts
2016/17 AAV: $800,000

Just kidding, no one cares. Here are your morning links.

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The Maple Leafs don’t have a limited window as contenders, they could still be good after the rookies ELC’s expire?

How will the Bruins screw up negotiating with David Pastrnak?

Auston Matthews is only an average shooter?

Finally, enjoy these adorable #1’s in other teams Top 25’s. It’s cute how they’re trying hard to have as good a list as we did.

Jets* - Mark Scheifele
(What, Patrik Laine isn’t there? Huh.)

Coyotes - Max Domi
(You got the inferior Toronto Winnipeg boy and we got the better Arizona one, funny that)

Flames - Johnny Gaudreau
(You must be this tall to matter)

Blackhawks - Brandon Saad
(Did you know there are crazy people who like this guy over Matthews? He’s named after a nerd’s favourite Swedish car!)

Senators - Thomas Chabot

Enjoy the long weekend!