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Sunday’s FTB: Quick hits before hockey

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It’s game day for Atom house league.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Andreas Johnsson hat trick! Garret Sparks shut out! Did you see last night’s game? NO? Man, you missed a lot of awesome stuff. Here’s the game in six to catch you up:

Of course Flyers fans deserved the loss after Broad Street Hockey posted this garbage earlier in the day:

In other less important games last night, Sharks coach Pete Deboer was ejected from the game...

The Buffalo Sabres are now on a nine game winning streak, and sadly it doesn’t seem like they’re playing above their station.

Finally, Patrick Laine scored five times last night as the Jets* beat the Blues...

That’s it for me, I now have to go watch a bunch of kids play hockey and fall down a lot.

Man, I love it when hockey players fall down.

Enjoy your day!