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Friday’s FTB: The curious case of Elliotte Friedman vs Vancouver

Well, it’s not curious at all. It’s the insecurity of the third largest city in the country at work.

Olympics - Opening Ceremony
You may think it’s Canada Day, but it’s just the city reacting to a TV personality saying not everything is perfect.
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Yesterday, Elliotte Friedman stepped into things when he went on Vancouver radio and said the criticism of the Vancouver Canucks was too harsh and hurting the team’s ability to do its job properly.

This is funny for a few reasons.

  1. If people writing mean things about Jim Benning’s work makes him do his job badly, he should be fired but isn’t because he’s probably the cheapest GM the Canucks could find.
  2. The market getting mad about these comments is also the same one that thinks there’s a conspiracy against the Canucks because they have to play at 4PM when the Maple Leafs are in town.
  3. This is just more Vancouver insecurity, and how ‘mean old Toronto is always mean to us’. You’re the third largest city in the country, will most likely be second largest in the next decade. The ocean and mountains are within day trip distance and holy crap you’re thousands of miles away, get over it.
  4. It’s not Leafs fans doing it.

Anyway, there’s your insignificant news of the day. On to the real stuff:

The Toronto Maple Leafs play outdoors tomorrow!

A year after they hosted their own game!

Eh, it’ll be cool I guess. I like those jerseys.

Here’s the rest of the news.

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Enjoy the day!

Unless you got a snow day while I’m stuck at work.