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Tuesday’s FTB: The way to become a serial winner per Mike Babcock

Winning is when a winner becomes a winner

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The last 48 hours have been a steady mix of excitement and determination on one end with anxiousness and concern on the other. You’d think Leafs fans would be used to the idea of facing Boston in the first round considering that was how the seeding was set up for the majority of the regular season. Additionally, the Leafs took the season series over the Bruins winning three of their four matches. But it’s still Boston.

As much as the players and coaching staff want to deflate the situation, we all know what this series means. It’s Rocky vs. Apollo part two (kind of), and even though Auston Matthews and company were not there for the first duel, a victory over them has significance.

Mike Babcock was very vocal at team practice, and you can tell he’s trying to keep the energy high. Additionally, if you had a dollar for the number of times he mentioned ‘winning’ in his media scrum, you’d be rolling in Tim Hortons double-doubles.

It’s all about showing up for the important moments and executing on all fronts. If you cheat your effort, you cheat your teammates. Cheating doesn’t equate to winning and - I think you get the point.

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Have a good Tuesday Leafs fans; we’re two days away from Game One.