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FTB: The Marlies can sweep the Crunch tonight

After Sunday’s 7-1 win, the Marlies can elimiante the Crunch tonight in Game Four.

Christian Bonin -

The Toronto Marlies can sweep the Syracuse Crunch with a win tonight. In last season’s Calder Cup Playoffs they were eliminated by the Crunch when they couldn’t win any games on the road in Syracuse. On Monday, the Marlies flipped last year’s results and blew up the Crunch with a decisive 7-1 victory on the road.

The Marlies had a well earned day out in the warm sunny weather on their day off Monday, playing some football, frisbee, and soccer in Syracuse.

Tonight’s game is at 7:00 PM. We’ll be watching the game and posting updates on Twitter with a recap to follow. Let’s hope they wrap it up tonight and get down to the serious business of the Eastern Conference final.

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More News

The Penguins are done. They were eliminated last night on a goal by Evgeny Kuznetsov in overtime. And, yes, he does the bird walk.

The Eastern Conference Final is the Capitals vs. the Lightning. They will have to wait a few days to start as the Predators beat the Jets last night in a 4-0 rout, forcing a Game 7 which won’t be until Thursday.

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The Cleveland Monsters will join the AHL North Division next season in which the Marlies play. This is a shift for them out from the Western Conference due to the addition of a 31st AHL team in the Denver suburbs.

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