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Tuesday’s FTB: All the quality you expect in one location

Two days into the T25, and all I want is real hockey.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wondered what the word Tuesday actually means? I know PPP is a just a blog, and all we post is empty calories, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help us all be educated in between cheese doodles.

The English name is derived from Old English Tiwesdæg and Middle English Tewesday, meaning “Tīw’s Day”, the day of Tiw or Týr, the god of single combat, and law and justice in Norse mythology. Tiw was equated with Mars in the interpretatio germanica, and the name of the day is a translation of Latin dies Martis.

There, now we’re all much the wiser, aren’t we?

Now onto the beach reading:

Travis Dermott likes beer. If you watched the championship game where the Marlies won the Calder Cup, which Dermott couldn’t play in, or the Cup celebration for the fans the next day, you may have noticed he knows how to handle a solo cup full of foamy beverages.

That’s pretty amazing, actually.

William Nylander grew a beard! Wow, eh?

There is an honest to dog TSN video that is nothing but someone asking everyone who was at Zach Hyman’s golf tournament to discuss Nylander’s beard. I’m ashamed to say I watched that yesterday afternoon.

Speaking of Willie:

I think this is both funny, in a totally mean way — by which I mean I’m laughing at the dude that did this — but also sad, and also tragic that anyone would spend money on their pique like this.

Give whatever the hell that cost to Matt Martin’s foundation or something, and get over it, buddy.

As posted in yesterday’s FTB (yes some of this is leftovers), our largest baby bird has found one of his own kind to imprint on:

Eemeli Räsänen is the tall blond one who has found his nearly as tall new teammate, and fellow defender, Oliver Lauridsen. Lurking in behind is Viktor Lööv, who is plotting something. The team does have a surplus of defenders. I should keep an eye on the crime reports out of Helsinki.

Jarome Iginla had his official retirement event in Calgary on Monday:


Dmytro Timashov and the whole family interrupted their enjoyment of the Nordic heat wave to pose with the cup.

A guy I’ve heard of signed a deal:

The Newfoundland Growlers are set to reveal their jersey sometime today of Facebook, so watch for that, it’s bound to be good.

The T25 rolls on with #24 today at 9 a.m., and I’m going to spoil you by telling you that he is a player under contract to the Leafs who has never played on the ice with William Nylander.