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FTB: James Reimer hates the new pad formak

Meanwhile William Nylander has still not signed.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Calgary Flames
Another relationship destroyed over Swiss Chalet Fries.
Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

James Reimer is a saint.

There is zero tolerance here for not loving him and everything he does and I would give up Andrew Nielsen to see him back in a Maple Leafs uniform (do it, Dale!)

He had his ups and downs here. The whole 2013 Boston thing which I won’t go into at all because there’s too many feels and it was so not his fault and don’t you dare say otherwise. There’s also his on again off again relationship with Jonathan Bernier which ended badly over a quarrel about whether or not Swiss Chalet fries are good. James thinks they are terrible and he is correct.

Now James has another opinion to share with all of you. This time it’s of the hockey variety. This season the NHL is mandating a change to goalie equipment and James is not happy. He hats the nu formak!

First look at new standard NHL-Spec Chest Protector - InGoal Magazine

Honestly, the first couple of days, I was like ‘this chesty isn’t that bad,’ but it was controlled shooting. The last day they were coming down the wing with speed and all of a sudden it felt like every puck hurt. Now they are at a bad angle and you are flinching, like you are pulling up, you are pulling your arms in to try and protect yourself. - James Reimer

I feel bad for James. He’s had so much trouble with equipment in his career.

We are jumping to the Top 10 of our Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25 today and Fulemin is here to tell you about Connor Carrick!

Don’t forget that we are having a meetup starting at 6:00 p.m. Saturday at Rorschach Brewery which is located at 1001 Eastern Avenue. RSVP here! PPP will buy you a round and everyone will get one (or five) of our famous PPP stickers!

Oh, and William Nylander has not yet signed. That’s that.


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Swiss Chalet Fries

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