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Friday’s FTB: Jeff Skinner traded to the Sabres; what would be the Leafs’ offer?

The Sabres paid practically nothing!

Carolina Hurricanes v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

There was a trade yesterday!

You said it EA. So, back during the mock draft I made an offer to Canes Country about Skinner:

Fine, off to suitor #2 we went. Jeff Skinner was the next target and an offer of #25, Andrew Nielsen, Josh Leivo or whatever Marlies you’d want. Again, we were left out in the cold since that was “a rebuilding trade” and the staff over at Canes Country figure they’re just a centre and a goalie away from being a proper team. Aren’t they all, though?

I wasn’t super far off, but they were. So, if you were the Leafs, what would be your equivalent for Skinner? Who’s our Pu?

This also makes me want the Leafs to look into the other players in that article:

What would the cost for Max Pacioretty be? Or Wayne Simmonds? Share your trade proposals down below.

Use that cap space Leafs!

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