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Monday’s FTB: What will keep Andersen out of tonight’s game?

Will it be the flu? Lower body injury? Aliens?

Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s another Toronto Maple Leafs game day, and that means it’s time for another round of “Will Frederik Andersen play?”

Andersen says he’s ready to go:

On Saturday night he missed the game because of “the flu”. Of course when a player who is injured has “the flu” it usually means a set back in their recovery. Micheal Hutchinson is still up with the Leafs, and Kasimir Kaskisuo was sent back to the Marlies because he had to go, emergency recall rules said so.

We’ll know the answer to this qustion later this morning; if Leafs PR sends out a tweet about recalling Kaskisuo. There’s no Marlies game until Saturday, plenty of time to keep KK up with the big club.

Now, some shameless self promotion:

The Marlies lost! Big!

The Furies won!

Trevor Moore is sticking around!

The European prospect report is back in action!

Speaking of back, it’s another Back to Excited!

In less important news...the Flyers are bad!

Marc Bergevin is...good?

Podcasting is the future! and the Present!

True Blue Leafs has some thoughts on the Leafs vs Bruins

That’s all for you this morning. Enjoy that day folks!