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Thursday’s FTB: Congratulations Kasperi Kapanen, you’re this year’s scapegoat!

We’re only four games into the season, but it’s all Kappy’s fault.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs St. Louis Blues Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good Morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Tonight is game five of the 2019-20 season, and its great that we’ve all agreed on one thing: Everything is Kasperi Kapanens fault. Yes, even before he decided to defend by going spear fishing with the puck on Saturday night. Kapanen was the one in the wrong.

Max Domi is on it:

Mike Babcock knows who’s to blame:

The media are writing their hit pieces...

And, you aren’t officially a scapegoat unless the fans are on board:

But, despite all of this, at least he’s keeping his sense of humour.

Here’s what you missed at the ol’ PPP yesterday:

And elsewhere in Leafs Land...

I only read the headline, wasn’t a trade?

It’s mean,’s kinda funny.

Of course, we all knew this.

The Leafs keep using this logo on things, and I worry it’s going to be on a jersey at some point.

It’s just....dumb.

Now here’s some news about other, lesser, teams.

Aw, poor babies.

Any future Leafs in here?

Then don’t expect Alex Pietrangelo to stick around.

Gritty gets personal...

Enjoy your day folks! Don’t forget, the game is at 7 tonight!