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Monday’s FTB: The Leafs are winning, let’s enjoy it

Sure you can wallow in what was wrong, or you can see them sock a few dingers!

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Arizona Coyotes Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

I have been a very busy person over the weekend and have had no time for nonsense or silliness, now do I have anything that qualifies as a topical and good lead in for today’s morning links.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Find me something nonsensical or silly about this Maple Leafs team, or a team you’ve played on yourself, and put it in the comments. There’s no winner, aside from all of us who get to read such stories.

Go forth and entertain me minions.

Here’s the news:

Back to Excited had a very special guest this weekend. No, it wasn’t me, so keep demanding some seldo content.

Alexander Kerfoot is in some trouble.

Mackinaw Stats looks at Tyson Barrie’s post-Babcock play

With the coaching change, everyone is back on the blogging train.

Centre of Leafs Nation welcomes the new coach.

Remember folks, the only good gossip is the gossip that’s old and about someone who was fired so it doesn’t hurt your access to players or risk your company’s media passes. So sit on it as long as you can, keep it bottled up inside, then unleash it before the dirt on the grave has had time to settle.

Sergei Zubov is a hall of famer now.

The NBA wants to make some changes. Would they work in the NHL?

Suspensions for everyone!

The Bruins have had so many jerseys lately they’re the new Canucks.

Enjoy your day everyone!