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Wednesday’s FTB: Brad Marchand should be punished for tampering

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The Bruins forward poked his nose into the Maple Leafs negotiations with Mitch Marner.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Seven Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Auston Matthews to a five year contract, and are still working on an extension for Mitchell Marner. Yesterday, Boston Bruins pest* Brad Marchand poked his nose - though it isn’t that hard for him to do that, really - into the contract talk:

Some leagues take tweets and quotes like this seriously. After LeBron James said he would like to play with Anthony Davis - the New Orleans Pelicans player who asked for a trade in December - the NBA sent teams memos about tampering, and back in 2014 the Toronto Raptors were fined $25,000 after local rapper/team ambassador Drake said this at a concert that summer:

“My brother Kevin Durant was kind enough to come to the show tonight and watch us,” said Drake. “I just want him to see what would happen if he came to play in Toronto.”

If the NBA won’t let statements like that go, and wow is the LeBron James one tame, the NHL should take a similar stance and punish Brad Marchand and the Boston Bruins. Since the NHL isn’t a very creative entity, I have some ideas:

  • The Boston Bruins forfeit all points gained against the Maple Leafs this season. This means they give up points from the below games:

January 12th - Forfeit two points for a 3-2 regulation win over the Maple Leafs

December 8th - Forfeit two points for a 6-3 regulation win over the Maple Leafs

November 10th - Forfeit two points for a 5-1 regulation win over the Maple Leafs

This move would drop the Bruins from 87 points to 81, and move them to third in the Atlantic Division, five points back of the Maple Leafs.

  • The Boston Bruins are forced to sit Brad Marchand the next twelve games they play against Maple Leafs. One game per million he said Marner should be paid.
  • Brad Marchand is fined $12,000 to be paid to the Marner Jar, a charity initiative for Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital founded by Steve Dangle, Toronto Zoo tour guide.
  • The Bruins are to pay 5% of Mitch Marner’s next contract.
  • The Bruins are to use the full company name on their arena: The Toronto Dominion Garden.
  • Brad Marchand is forced to play three games for the Edmonton Oilers.

Okay, that last one may be a bit harsh, but some punishment must be dealt for this blatant piece of tampering with Toronto’s salary cap.

If Mr. Marchand would like to discuss this in person, I’ll be able to meet him in Detroit on the 31st.

And now, the news.

The most important news goes first

Colour of Hockey is always a good read.

Ted Lindsay’s passing made a lot of fans take a moment to think about what this great man did for the game and those he played with.

It’s just a recap of the game vs the Oilers, but the headline is great

Ready to choke like always!

Read this, then read the comments

Buncha nerds

GM’s don’t want 1 minute penalties, which, fine.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Unless you’re Brad Marchand.


What should Brad Marchands punishment be?

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  • 8%
    Forfeit points vs the Leafs
    (37 votes)
  • 9%
    Sit Marchand vs the Leafs
    (40 votes)
  • 19%
    Marchand makes a donation
    (85 votes)
  • 15%
    Bruins pay 5% of Marner’s contract
    (69 votes)
  • 12%
    Change TD Garden’s name
    (56 votes)
  • 24%
    Force Marchand to play for the Oilers
    (107 votes)
  • 11%
    Other - Add in comments
    (50 votes)
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