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Tuesday’s FTB: NHL rinks are a big sticker book

Have you ever seen a goalie crease be picked up?

Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

For my entire life, I assumed that every one on the ice was painted. I have had no basis for this assumption, I just... assumed it. Then, I saw this tweet.

The crease is a lie?

The lines are painted onto the ice, and the ice itself is painted white. As for the rest of the stuff? The Langley Events Centre, home of the WHL’s Vancouver Giants, shows us how it works:

And that, is how an NHL rink is born. When it comes to board ads, those are big stickers too which can trap giant air bubbles in them and crack easily or catch a skate or stick. They’re very frustrating to install.

Now, the news.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs previews are coming in hard and fast:

Many teams are looking for new coaches:

And then there’s the other stuff:

We have two more days until the playoffs begin. lets not tie ourselves into knots.