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Friday’s FTB: Chasing the Rocket

Someone please tell Ovechkin that eight trophies is more than enough.

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NHL: Florida Panthers at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Playing against the New York Rangers Wednesday night, Auston Matthews scored both his 38th and 39th goals of the year, allowing him to finally pass David Pastrnak in the standings.

He still isn’t the league leader in goals scored, of course, because Alex Ovechkin has had fourteen goals in seven games, including a natural hat trick against the Kings earlier this week.

Those fourteen goals have sent him rocketing past Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman and Mark Messier in the NHL record book, placing him in 8th place for most career goals. It also put him in first place in goals for the year, two ahead of Pastrnak and one ahead of Matthews, making what was looking like a two man race for the Rocket Richard into a three person sprint.

Impressive? Absolutely. Annoying? That too.

The good news is that since Auston’s hat trick curse has been broken, he may be able to manage a couple more of those himself... and maybe an empty net or two, if Zach Hyman is willing to give a few of those up.


The Leafs made a trade! Learn more about the two newest Leafs, Kyle Clifford and Jack Campbell:

Clifford and Campbell were also officially run through the gauntlet of Toronto media for the first time yesterday, and the Leafs revealed what number each player will wear:

Watch the video here:

Over on the Marlies, Jeremey Bracco is out of the lineup indefinitely:

Every month I wait in excitement and fear to find out if my style opinions align with Annie’s – it’s the monthly fashion recap!

Moore trade stuff

Craving more info on the new guys? With some diligent research* I was able to find out the following about Campbell: he has two cats named Buddy and Fettuccine, and he loves to cook.
*talking to LA Kings fans on twitter – shout-out to @thaligonzi_17

On the off-chance you were looking for more “relevant” information about their “skills” and “ability to help the Leafs”... well, I’m not doing that, but luckily other people already have.

Maple Leafs Hot Stove takes a look at both players’ stats:

Yahoo gives the trade an A- from the Leafs’ perspective:

The Athletic hosted a roundtable to discuss the trade:

And all the rest...

Tyson Barrie’s grandfather joins him on the mentor’s trip:

The Golden Knights have a new AHL team:

And that’s a wrap!

Happy Friday everyone! Fingers crossed that Matthews scores four goals tonight and finally takes his rightful spot as the goals leader in the NHL.