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Friday’s FTB: One month to training camp

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You can see why the NHL wanted to do the draft right about now, too.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Toronto Maple Leafs
Should I grow my hair for the playoffs?
Photo by Kevin Sousa/NHLI via Getty Images

Today’s, tweets, stories and news in no particular order.

A tasty bit of someone else’s pain to start you off:

It’s not just NHL teams that want border restrictions changed.

But we’ll find out if this is true:

Interesting that the Capitals filmed their on-ice workout and the Leafs are treating the bunker mentality very seriously:

Gotta watch this for the Mo-Flow:

Want another tasty bit of someone else’s misfortune?

Pilut skips on Sabres by signing 2-year contract in Russia | National |
BUFFALO, N.Y., (AP) — Buffalo Sabres defenseman Lawrence Pilut is forgoing a chance to continue his NHL career by signing a two-year contract with Russia’s Chelyabinsk Traktor.

I found that from one of those “who knows where this is clipped from” tweets that are all the rage (why are media companies laying people off and folding, it’s a mystery):

Okay, sorry, my mistake, they did film a little bit yesterday.

Prospect stuff:

The inevitable back-channel backlash (whole thread):

I missed (a lot, I was tabulating T25 votes) 31 Thoughts yesterday:

It’s got a long bit about the new exec in Arizona, and word that Dallas is adding Jason Robertson to their AHL extras squad, and Toronto publicly said what we all know that brother Nicholas is going to be there, so that’s cool. (Ours is better.)

This is a thing I also missed, and I think it’s extremely dumb, wrong-headed and just plain asinine, the trades more than the other stuff, but the other stuff is dumb too:

10. Teams that are out of the playoffs can make trades with each other. Another idea being discussed is whether or not those clubs will be able to buy out players or give qualifying offers later this month. That would be the normal window, but this world is anything but normal right now.

And the really interesting bit of news is this:

18. Speaking of the AHL, five NHL GMs (Kyle Dubas, Ken Holland, David Poile, Don Sweeney and Steve Yzerman) will be part of group working together to plan the AHL’s process for the 2020–21 season.

Not just in who is really the power in the AHL (not the AHL), but also who Dubas will be hanging with on Zoom.

Everything we’ve done is on the front page, and you know where that is, so, I’ll leave with a Happy Friday! Ask me nice and I might hint at who came first in T25 voting and give it all away.