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FTB: Game 3 for Vegas and Dallas

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The real question is probably whether or not it’ll all come down to goaltending again.

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Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Two Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

One way or another, tonight the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights will be breaking their current 1-1 tie, facing off at 8:00PM ET.

You can watch the game on CBC, Sportsnet, and TVAS.

So far, this has been a big series for goaltending, as the scores (0-1 and 3-0) might imply. Robin Lehner and Marc-Andre Fleury have been a solid duo for Vegas these playoffs (weird agent-generated twitter memes aside) and Jake Oettinger managed to hold it together for Dallas for the end of game 2, though it wasn’t quite enough to turn the game in Dallas’ favour. Did I mention that they didn’t score any goals?

Fingers crossed, we’ll be seeing a bit more goal scoring in this series moving forward. If not, the Lightning will just have to keep picking up the slack.


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