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Saturday’s FTB: The Maple Leafs lose to themselves yet again

We are less than two weeks from the start of the season.

The Toronto Maple Leafs open their training camp Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s Saturday, and we are 11 days away from the start of the Maple Leafs newest season, filling us with hope and dreams and dread and stress. What a fandom we’ve chosen.

Last night the Maple Leafs were Schrodinger's hockey team, both losing and winning the same game. Hardev has your recap of the Blue & White game:

How great is it that the Maple Leafs intra-squad scrimmage is national TV on BOTH sports networks, while the other Canadian teams get no airtime?

It’s pretty great.

The Leafs also signed Brarden Kressler and yes, I am also asking “Who the hell is Braeden Kressler?”

Waivers came into effect yesterday, and one Maple Leaf got put up for grabs.

Teemu Kivihalme was offered to all the other teams. We’ll find out today at 2PM if he gets claimed.

All the waived players:

Elsewhere in the NHL. we have a cheery outlook on the Sabres from Noted Jerk Joe Yeardon:

A review of the newest NHL partner, the TNT hockey show:

The CHL pre-season rankings are out and our boy Villeneuve is on the #3 ranked team~

Finally, we’ll end with a tweet from a fan:

Enjoy your Saturday!