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Thursday’s FTB: No soap operas, just hockey

Suspensions, firings. unpaid rent, it all happens in the NHL!

Houston Aeros Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans, do you remember this ad the NHL ran?

It seems that lately, the NHL doesn’t.

First, we go back to last week when two of the big NHL markets fired their GMs...

Then we hear that the Canucks want to hire the fired Canadiens GM...

After that the Philadelphia Flyers fired almost all of their coaches, aside from the terrible one.

And then on the ice the Winnipeg Jets* have been running around trying to murder their opponents knees, and vice versa, mostly unimpeded by the NHL department of player safety.

And then, last night, we move back to off-ice drama with the Arizona Coyotes arena drama coming up once again, this time they face expulsion in 11 days if they don’t pay the rent they’ve been ignoring

They already don’t have an arena to play in next season, and now they may not have one to play in next week. However, not paying bills seems to be the Coyotes owners MO,

Of course, the Coyotes owners are all “oopsie daisy, how did that happen?”

To end on a high note, here’s Leas prospect Ty Voit:

The Leafs play the Lightning tonight at 7 on TSN4!

Go Leafs Go!