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Monday’s FTB: Hometown discounts and potential sweeps

The offseason and the playoffs keep rolling along.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Six Photo by Mark LoMoglio/NHLI via Getty Images

Good Monday morning, everyone. Happy Holiday to those taking a day off. For those who went camping this weekend in Ontario:

Some Victoria Day content:

Some hockey content:

Leafs’ prospect William Villeneuve plays for this team, and will get to experience a new coach in the Mem Cup later on in June.

Yes it’s only Norway, and yes this game, and the final Sweden game is really just a warmup for the quarterfinals, but I like seeing Leafs players have fun. Some people don’t, and just want reasons to be mad at them. My recommendation is to cut them dead when you see them at the next society ball. <— more Victorian content.

In NHL News, Florida floundered to Tampa, and the Lightning now lead that series 3-0.

The Rangers won to get that series to 2-1:

And two teams in Alberta also played hockey.

Edmonton now leads that series 2-1.

Later on today, I’ll briefly lay out the RFA situation, as that’s the next order of business, in my opinion. Tomorrow I’ll have the offseason salary cap calculation, which also includes a bare-bones projected roster. I have hastily added Giordano to it.

Also this week, I will open up the can of worms that is the Leafs’ goalie issue, and you can help by telling me if any goalie has been bought out since the Flyers used a compliance buyout on Bryzgalov. They don’t exist anymore, so in the current CBA regime since 2013, has any goalie been bought out? I think it’s no, but maybe I’ve forgotten someone.