Happy Labour Day, everyone.

Today is a the day to celebrate the working classes, the people who make the world spin. It's also a day to remind ourselves that we all owe a debt of responsibility to ensure the the life of working people is a fulfilling and safe one. Bigilance in holding our governments to account is our duty and obligation.

Also, tip your server.

Labour means our favourite unionized workers are about to get back at it as well.

There is no NHL news to speak of, so instead you get a September schedule of events:

The Maple Leafs will be heading into the deepest heart of Michigan to go to Traverse City for the prospects tournament on September 14. They haven't released their roster yet, but it should be full up with invites and AHLers.

Toronto opens the action against Columbus on Thursday afternoon. Detroit will livestream all games, so you can watch them all if you like. Details to come.

The prospects come back to Toronto just in time for training camp, and we figure September 19 will be the start. The first preseason game is September 24, which is less than three weeks from now.

The PWHL is supposed to be filling our early September with news, and so far it's:

Yesterday was when all players who wanted to declare for the draft had to do so and I have no list. No news on early free agent signings or really anything.

The early free agency goes to September 10, though, so it's fine that the PWHL does this for real instead of the NHL's pretence of a opening time with no negotiation beforehand.

The PWHL draft is September 18, which, you know, should be fun.

If they stir themselves to action today, watch this post:

It’s Free Agent Day!
Today the six teams of the PWHL can begin naming players in free agency. This is all new to them – the GMs were just announced this morning and the draft lottery was today as well – and for us.

for live updates on the signings.

Jesse Puljujärvi was said to be likely to miss this entire season, but here he is rehabbing from hip surgery:

Happy Labour Day everyone, that's enough to be getting on with. Tomorrow the T25 starts the final countdown of the top four, which is my feeble excuse for some Four Tops: