As The Bryz eloquently said decades ago in 2006, it's only one game. Whether the Leafs lost by one goal or four, played well or like dung, it doesn't matter because we know what they're capable of, we know they can do better. My optimism about the team that is constructed, and what they have shown leading up to these moments won't be dashed by one game. It'd for sure be dashed if they lose the whole series. Heck, I might give up hockey forever if they do. But one game isn't the series.

Heck, if the Panthers can beat the Bruins 6-3 in Boston, then it's not the end of the world that the Leafs lost by a similar score.

The biggest news for the Leafs are the changes to their lineup following the three-game suspension of Michael Bunting. Matthew Knies is in, next to O'Reilly and Noel Acciari. A safer place for his playoff debut can't be found.

Michael Bunting out 3 games for his head hit on Erik Cernak
Michael Bunting of the Maple Leafs will have a hearing today with the Department of Player Safety for his hit to the head on Erik Cernak of the Lightning in game one of the playoffs.

Stanley Cup Champion Nazem Kadri also went to Twitter to plead TSN to stop re-opening that wound. It's over, he's a champion, and if we're being honest, Kadri's had it much worse than Bunting when it comes to the refs and the opponents. Bunting lost his cool way too quickly.

Mark Masters with a report from practice on what the Leafs are thinking after their tepid start to Game 1. If we're being honest, that and the penalty kill is the focus. The team is going to get penalised, not letting them get punished for it as much as possible is the key.

Masters: Toronto Maple Leafs change their ‘frame of mind’ with more urgency needed | TSN
After a “tentative” start against the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 1, where they fell behind 3-0 in the first period and ending up losing 7-3, the Toronto Maple Leafs have regrouped and vow to be in a better “frame of mind” for Thursday’s Game 2 at Scotiabank Arena, Mark Masters writes.

David Alter has the Matthew Knies story as he makes his playoff debut.

And finally, an update on Mac Hollowell, who's been out since the beginning of the year after needing knee surgery. The Marlies will be happy to have him back as they play through the playoffs.

Various Leafs and Branches

The PWHPA is inching closer to their own PWHL league. Player pay will include "$24,000 for promotional activities".

Adopted brother Rasmus Sandin hanging out with the Nylanders.

Kirsten Welsh refereed the Laval vs Utica game, making her the first woman to officiate an AHL playoff game. Can't wait to normalize these achievements.

Alexandre Texier is aiming for a return to hockey next season after taking leave from the Blue Jackets this season.

Talking about late hits...

Oh yeah, burying the lede:

Florida Panthers 6-3 over Boston Bruins
Series tied 1-1
The Panthers shocked the Bruins at home with a 6-3 win. They took the puck to the middle of the ice and commanded the front of the net in their win.

Carolina Hurricanes 4-3 in OT over New York Islanders
CAR leads 2-0
The Islanders got close, but they couldn't upset the Hurricanes in overtime. The Hurricanes are a team that can completely tilt the ice as soon as they allow a goal, and despite playing from behind, they were able to keep the game close in the third until they took the game in overtime. For some reason, all shot location data was broken on NST, so I don't have shot data for you. My guess, lots of point shots.

Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild
Series tied 1-1
The first two periods were a complete back and forth, yet again. IMO, this is the series of the first round. Chaotic hockey in both directions. The Wild shockingly started Marc-Andre Fleury despite Erik Gustavsson playing amazing all season and in Game 1. He allowed six goals after two periods before I went to bed.
[Morning edit:] Dallas won 7-3 to tie up the series.

Edmonton Oilers 4-2 over Los Angeles Kings
Series tied 1-1
The Kings took the first period off yet again, let's see if they can came back and/or the Oilers fell apart for the second time in a row.
[Morning edit:] The Kings did make a comeback, but still lost 4-2 so the Oilers tied up the series.

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