Good Monday morning to you all. It's a tradition around here that I get stuck with the Monday FTB when everyone else is busy, and I understand many are busy today. For some of us, it really is more or less just Monday, and if that's you, you are welcome to treat it as an ordinary day here.

There is no hockey today, but you won't have to wait long for more. Brigs will have a post later today on who to watch at the WJC in terms of draft prospects. Canada takes the ice tomorrow at 8:30 am Toronto time, so you need to study up today and set your alarms.

For watching the WJC or prospects in general, I would say expect less and appreciate them more. No one really knows, barring those few bright stars, who is going to be a great player. And even so I thought Jesse Puljujärvi was outstanding as a junior. Their future paths can take any track and arrive at any destination, so like who you like, enjoy their youthful efforts, but don't pin expectations on them they might never meet. Or demand they meet some arbitrary standard before they're worth respect.

The NHL is an elitist effort. It exists to strive for perfection in a disordered and confusing game full of randomness. That doesn't mean we need to be elitist ourselves and to disdain the players who aren't stars – every team has players who don't shine as bright. Honest analysis is about what a player does or can't do. It's not about who the person is.

For more prospects, and players who aren't quite NHL pros, tomorrow afternoon is the Marlies Boxing Day game at Scotiabank Arena. As of a couple of days ago, tickets were still available in the lower bowl.

The Leafs are back Wednesday, hosting the Senators.

For today, tell us your plans for the day. Are you going to dress up in wool sweaters and gather around the wireless to listen to the King's Christmas message, or do you do something slightly more modern.

Yesterday Darren Dreger did his annual posting of photos of backyard rinks. A kind of "I'll tell you what hockey is all about, Charlie Brown," moment that he repeats every year. He even looks a little like Linus, I guess.

You won't be skating on any ponds in Southern Ontario, but road hockey is possible.

Maybe it's all about the food for you. What are you having? Better yet, what do you wish you were having. Better, better yet, what do you wish you were drinking? Some evil beast polished off the Red Breast 15 year old a few days ago, so that's what I wish I was having.

Is it about relaxing with a movie? I do that sometimes. Either Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Victor/Victoria. Maybe I'll try something from this century for a change! What do you like?

Of course all across the world today, millions of people are still in the grip of Baldur's Gate 3, so that might be the thing that fills a Monday for you.

If you went somewhere sunny and hot, or if you live there all the time, please do torture us here in our damp, October-like Ontario with your weather forecast.

If you're working today, I hope it's a calm and quiet day for you, the best Monday workday of the year.

And lastly, have a great Monday or Christmas Day, depending on how you read your calendar.